The art of mediation is winning without fighting.

Mediation offers an affordable, amiable alternative to litigation that can be costly, contentious and spiral out of control. Take matters into your own hands while saving money and stress.

The process of mediation at Oceanview Mediation is what you would expect to discover at the ocean’s edge; calm and collaborative. Here, you can sit and relax, discuss the details of your situation, craft a plan to close one chapter of your life and move on to the next. The positive and productive ambience is the ideal forum to yield an outcome in which both parties feel their voices have been heard and understood.

Mediation is an organic process that begins by understanding what you want the outcome to be. Successful mediation depends on both parties knowing what they each want. You both need to ready to listen to yourselves, ready to listen to each other and ready to make compromises when necessary to meet your goals. I encourage each of you to make a list of what is most important to you. Knowing your goal and being able to clearly articulate your needs are the first steps in walking the road to resolution.

It is vital that each party fully understands each and every element of the agreement they negotiate because all while all child-related issues are always subject to modifications, the majority of the division of the assets portion of the agreement, once signed becomes forever binding and non-modifiable.

A skilled mediator can help the two of you navigate the process and reach a conclusion which both parties, as well as the courts, will accept. However, insurance companies have a different point of view and not all insurers will allow the non-providing spouse to remain insured on the other spouse's policy after the divorce. This is a big issue and must be negotiated between the parties.

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